Startup and networking events

Travel to the Entrepreneurship System

Events are the best opportunity to get acquainted with the ideas and experiences of people specializing in various fields. If you are looking for a team to build a product, you need to consult with experienced people, Whether you want to develop your communication network or share your knowledge and experience with others, use the opportunity to attend events. With the support and launch of startup and specific events, Finnova is attempting to create an opportunity for the people who want to learn and gain experience to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the stars in the direction of entrepreneurship.

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In Search of Emerging Stars

Startups require knowledge, precise planning, cost management and advice at every stage of innovation and development of a product. Having access to experts advice, Some founders can prepare a prototype at a minimum cost promptly. However, a large number of business enthusiasts do not have access to skilled and experienced people. Furthermore, they don’t have the right budget and workspace for product innovation and development, depending on the type of product. Finnova’s accelerator has an ideal atmosphere with the presence of a vast network of consultants and mentors in one hand, and investors network, on the other. Finnova’s accelerator presents the opportunity to the product owners in all areas to provide precise and systematic planning for product and market development within nine months and benefit from the experience and financial support of Finnova.


Launch to the orbit of success

When the startup is in the process of developing a market or the need to attract more specialized staff to promote the product, the need for capital as the primary source of business growth is increasingly evident. Based on the activities of the startups, Finnova Investment Experts, especially in the Fintech industry, make a detailed assessment of the business model, team performance and other technical topics that affect the market and product development process to offer the best bid for the capitalization startup investor. Furthermore, based on the open innovation model, Finnova offers the opportunity for investors to invest in startups with minimal risks. By investing in a startup, Finnova takes careful monitoring and effective collaboration for business growth and follows up investment goals.